Project ROI Analysis & Reporting
EMF's Project ROI Analysis service provides IT and Financial managers with the quantitative information they need to evaluate and rationalize project funding. Our project ROI process is applicable to virtually any IT project initiative, from infrastructure change to enterprise application deployment to integration of business process web services. We take into account all cost and benefit considerations and deliver a comprehensive quantitative ROI report which will take the guess work out of your IT investments.
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Systems Review
An Information Technology System Review provides clients with an objective summary of their organization's information technology environment. In effect, it is a statement of the company's IT health. The assessment enables management to make good decisions about strategic IT issues without requiring them to have a technical background.
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Client Needs Assessment
A Client Needs Assessment is designed to help a client decide how best to meet their information technology needs. EMF analyzes the existing situation, business objectives, any "givens", short- and long-term system requirements and business practices. A written report explains our conclusions, recommendations, deployment and support strategies, and budget estimates.
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Information System Design
Information System Design consists of translating the client's information system needs into specifications and recommendations that fulfill those needs. Designing and engineering an information system is similar to designing and engineering a building prior to construction. IS Design is often preceded by a Client Needs Assessment and followed by System Integration and installation.
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Disaster Plan Consulting
Our Disaster Plan Consulting service is designed to help clients avoid, plan for, and recover from computer system related disasters. At the basic level, we can review, document and test backup and recovery procedures. For larger organizations, we can guide the client through development of an overall disaster recovery plan.
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