Standard Response On-Site Maintenance
Fixed price service. Provides diagnostic technical support by telephone and on-site next-day service.
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Priority Response Services
This service upgrades response for onsite maintenance to priority level, resulting in faster initial response, faster material movement and faster on-site response.
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EMF's standard support hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Off-Hours Support extends coverage to the time period required by the customer - up to 7 days by 24 hours per day.
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Operator Assistance
This service provides no charge coverage of service calls that are needed because of operator error or no problem found.
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System Troubleshooting
The Systems Troubleshooting Support option is designed to extend hardware maintenance and system support technical service to include trouble shooting problems to the point where cause and responsibility to correct the problem are determined. When you're not sure whether a problem is hardware, operating system, software, user error, networking, AC power, or other cause, EMF will provide the trouble shooting and problem management to help get the problem resolved.
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Disaster Recovery
Our Disaster Plan Consulting service is designed to help you avoid, plan for, and recover from computer system related disasters. At the basic level, we can review, document and test backup and recovery procedures. For larger organizations, we can guide you through development of an overall disaster recovery plan. You can choose the scope of service to be provided and the most economical way to purchase it.
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Periodic Maintenance
Periodic Maintenance provides the customer with a scheduled maintenance service on selected equipment. One or more Periodic Maintenance visits per year are available. The service includes cleaning, checking, and adjusting covered equipment. It also includes installation of modifications mandated by us or the manufacturer to improve reliability, performance or compatibility. Especially recommended for printers where dirt build-up is a problem and for servers because they are often mission critical.
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Cable Coverage
This upgrade to a Maintenance Agreement provides coverage of customer cabling including trouble shooting, replacement, and repair of cable ends.
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