Continuing Services

Virtual MIS Management
EMF will designate an EMF employee to fulfill the role of a "virtual" MIS Manager, reporting to the Chief Information Officer on a regular and as-needed basis, and having an ongoing responsibility for all support and professional services. The MIS manager will be available to the company's CIO and senior management by telephone upon need and through scheduled monthly on-site visits to provide context and general advice regarding the adequacy of the IT environment, operation of the system, problems, history, changes to be made, and similar issues. EMF can even supervise on-staff IT personnel.
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Periodic System Review
An information technology system review is similar to a review or audit of your company's accounting system and bookkeeping. This service is a subscription to keep the system review up-to-date. Quarterly, Annually or Semi-Annually, EMF will update your system review to ensure that problems are not creeping into your IT environment undetected. Though the checklist can be customized, EMF typically reviews network health, server health and obsolescence, PC and peripheral health and obsolescence, network security, documentation, virus vulnerability, disaster recovery preparedness and similar issues.
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Asset Management
EMF will maintain and manage non-financial asset records of computer hardware and software. Typically, this service is a continuous service that follows the initial installation of asset management software.
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Performance Tuning
On a scheduled basis, a senior analyst will tune the operating system parameters for optimum performance.
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Disaster Plan Execution
Having a disaster plan (for fire, flood, roof collapse and so forth) is only part of the solution. With this service, EMF will step in and execute the information and communication technology portions of your disaster plan when a disaster has been declared. In addition, with this service, an annual review and update of your disaster plan will be performed.
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